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Thank you for visiting Social Security Choices. We know that at one point or another all of us face the same problem:

Which benefits should I collect, and when should I do it?

The question of when to collect is very difficult. In fact, each year many people forgo spousal benefits or take their benefits either too early or too late. This mistake leaves them missing out on many thousands of dollars.

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Our Custom Analyses

To help you make the best retirement and/or spousal benefit claiming decisions, we use our custom benefits calculation software to provide you with a report based on your individual circumstances.

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New York Times

"Their report...results are really illuminating and easy to understand. can plainly see how much you’ll leave on the table by collecting benefits at a suboptimal time."

Tara Siegel Bernard - The New York Times

The News Journal

"[T]he calculator helps people avoid the prime pitfall of claiming their benefits too early, a mistake that costs the average married couple about $120,000 in total retirement and spousal benefits"

Eric Ruth - The News Journal

Snapshot of Dr. Miller's Discussion on PBS

Click to watch Dr. Jeffrey B. Miller of Social Security Choices discuss the Social Security claiming decision on Maryland Public Television.

We're Back Online

We have revised our algorithm to bring it into conformity with the changes to Social Security that were part of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 enacted on November 2, 2015. This act changes the rules regarding File and Suspend and Free Spousal strategies.

Many people are not affected by these changes. For more information on who is affected by these changes, please see our blog.

You can now confidently order a custom report that optimizes your claiming strategy under the new rules.

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Make the Right Choice

Making the wrong retirement or spousal benefit choice can cost you tens-of-thousands of dollars.

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Rate of Return to Delaying

For many, delayed claiming offers a higher rate-of-return than alternative investments — and it’s guaranteed.

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Secret Strategies

We know all the secret strategies for getting the most from Social Security retirement or spousal benefit claiming decisions.

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