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Thanks for reading the Social Security Choices blog! It’s certainly worth asking why we have a blog in the first place. We are a company that provides reports to clients hoping to maximize the amount they receive from Social Security. In addition to that, we already have a considerable amount of informational material pertaining to Social Security on our website, so what on earth are we going to talk about in a blog?

Well, we see our blog as more dynamic outlet for information. Some of the topics we’ll cover will be directly related to Social Security claiming decisions, while others will be tangentially related (dealing with related issues facing retirees and those nearing retirement). We may at times discuss news stories about Social Security, both minor stories, like the return of mailed SS Statements, and major stories, like proposals floated to revamp the SS system.

Unlike the information presented on our website, some blog posts may toe the line between fact and opinion, as a blog is wont to do, and others may cross it altogether. ¬†We will do our best to make a clear distinction. We welcome you to share your opinions and highlight new facts in the comment section. Questions about Social Security are always welcome (and even about other topics that we discuss here, or that you’d like us to discuss).

Thanks again for checking out our blog. Please come back often!


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