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How to Use Your Report Package

This page walks you through the process of using your report package code that you'll receive via email after submitting your order (to order a package, go here). We use a married person's report as an example.

  1. From anywhere on our main website, click on the Married Persons tab at the top of the page to get to the Married Persons overview page.
  2. Click on the "Buy Report" button in the upper left section of the page to be taken to the report features page.
  3. Again, click the "Buy Report" button near the bottom of the page to read important information for clients that don't have their SS benefit information at hand and advice on some conditions that may apply to certain clients. When you've read the relevant information, click "Begin my Report" to proceed.
  4. Continue following the steps on the order form, which asks for an email address, years of birth, SS benefit amounts, and life expectancy assumptions. The information requirements for other types or reports are slightly different.
  5. Once on the "Review my Order" page and you've verified the information you've entered is accurate and you've agreed to our Terms of Agreement, find the coupon code box at the bottom-left of the page. Enter the code that you received via email (it is case-sensitive) and click the "Buy Now" button at the bottom right. You should go directly to our Thank You page.

If you end up on a PayPal page, you either used an expired or an incorrect Coupon Code. Try again, making sure that you have entered a valid Coupon Code. If you experience difficulty, or have questions about our reports, please contact us.