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Order a Report Package

Easy as 1, 2, 3:

We offer discounted packages for financial advisors and others who need multiple reports. Our packages provide cost savings with far greater flexibility than monthly plans or alternative setups. They are as simple to use as possible - no logins, passwords, or secure information required. Your package can be used on any type of report: single, married, widowed or divorced! Just three steps to take advantage of these savings:

  1. Buy one of the following packages by completing the order form that follows this page.
  2. You will receive an email from us shortly thereafter with your Package Code inside. This is a secret code you should keep in a safe place.
  3. Order any of our reports in the traditional manner, simply putting in your code in the designated field at the bottom of the review page. Provided you still have unused reports left in your package, you won't pay anything extra. One report will be deducted from your package, and you'll recieve your report via email.

3 Reports

10 Reports


$60 (Savings of $60)

$150 (Savings of $250)


1 Year

2 Years

If you require reports more frequently, consider our subscription options.