Social Security Choices

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Why a Custom Analysis?

Determining when to claim your Social Security benefits is not only an important decision, but also a complicated one for most people. Because the Social Security program is designed to handle many different situations, the regulations covering who can get which benefits and at what age are numerous and complex. (If you want to see for yourself, check out the Social Security Handbook, or the Program Operating Manual.) Even if someone is familiar with all of the provisions that might affect their choice, it can be extremely difficult to determine the optimal strategy.

To help you get around these complexities and determine your best Social Security strategy, we can provide you with a customized analysis, tailored to your specific circumstances.

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The few groups we do not provide custom analyses for:

  • Those seeking disability benefits. Disability benefits are not affected by when you claim them. Thus, we have no guidance to offer you if you are applying for Social Security disability benefits. Check out one of the many websites that deal with disability issues.
  • Couples with children eligible for Social Security benefits. If, when you retire, you have a child under 18 or a child 18 or 19 attending an elementary or secondary school full time; you can get social security benefits to help support your child. At present, our proprietary software does not support analyses for potential Social Security claimants with children who qualify for Social Security dependent benefits.
  • Those with dependent parents who might qualify for benefits on your retirement record.