Social Security Choices

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What About Delaying Benefits?

For each year you delay benefits past your full retirement age (age 66 for those born from 1943 to 1954), you will get more money when you do claim benefits. Every year you delay claiming benefits, your benefit increases by 8 percent of the amount you could have gotten at the full retirement age. So, waiting until age 70 gets you 32 percent (= 8 percent times 4 years) more than you would have gotten at age 66. You can investigate this issue further by using one of the benefit planners provided by Social Security.

Advantages of Delaying Benefits
Age of Claim Benefit Increase Example: $1000 Full Monthly Benefit
67 8% $1080
68 16% $1160
69 24% $1240
70 32% $1320

We can help you weigh the decision between "money now" and "more money later" with an analysis of your Social Security claiming options now!