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Payroll Tax Cut Extension

Impact on the Trust Fund: In February, Congress voted to keep the Social Security payroll tax on workers at 4.2%. Had Congress not acted, the tax rate would have reverted to 6.2%. For someone earning $50,000 a year, the cut saves them around $1,000 a year.

Some have expressed concern that the payroll tax cut will directly weaken the Social Security Trust Fund. Such is not the case. In fact, all revenues lost to Social Security due the 2% tax cut will be replaced by federal general revenues, including borrowing. So, don’t worry about this particular issue.

Political Debate on the Future of Social Security

Join the Discussion on our New Blog: How will the future direction of Social Security change if Mitt Romney is elected? We break down a recent article from Peter Diamond and Peter Orszag regarding Romney's proposals for changes to Social Security.

Read more about it and share your comments!

New Pricing Arrangement

We're Changing Prices Soon: As with any business, we eventually need to generate revenues in order to cover expenses. So, we recently set an introductory price of $9.99 for our reports. On April 14th, the price for our custom reports will increase to $29.99, a price still well below those charged by our competitors.

If you have a friend who might benefit from one of our custom reports, please tell them to beat the price increase by ordering soon.

We continue to offer a free, partially custom, report so that clients can see in great detail what they get by buying a premium report.

For Financial Planners: We offer special rates for financial planners. Please contact us.

Delayed Benefits as an Investment Strategy

A Common Fallacy: We often hear the following question: "Can't I take my retirement benefits at age 62, invest them, and do better financially than I could by waiting for higher benefits?" The answer to this question for the typical investor is usually "NO," provided you are making a fair comparison with other low-risk investments.

We have recently created a new informational page on our website where we discuss this issue in some detail. Check it out.

Also, within the coming weeks we will add to our reports some rate-or-return measures that show the financial advantages of claiming at various ages.

In the Media

A Few Highlights: As many of you know, we were favorably discussed in the New York Times Bucks Blog. More recently, the Wilmington News Journal devoted a lengthy article to us.

One of our co-founders, Jeff Miller, was interviewed at length about Social Security on Maryland Public Television. This interview can be found on our updated homepage. Further, Delaware First Media interviewed Jeff Miller and another co-founder, Russ Settle about Social Security issues.

Jeff Miller also presented an educational seminar on Social Security issues to 250 CPAs and financial planners, under the auspices of Bisk Education.
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