Social Security Choices

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Who Qualifies?

Generally, to qualify for retirement benefits, you need to pay Social Security taxes on your earnings for 40 quarters, or 10 years. If you are uncertain about your eligibility for retirement benefits, use the SSA retirement benefit estimator, check your statement online, or call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213. You can also get this information from a recent Social Security Statement received in the mail. Women retirees (and even some men) may find the SSA publication "What Every Woman Should Know" informative.

You may qualify for additional Social Security benefits if you are divorced or a widow(er) and you meet certain criteria. If you feel that you fall into one of those categories, it would be to your advantage to read about benefits for divorced persons and for widow(er)s before ordering a single person's report.

Please note that only the Social Security Administration can officially determine the benefits for which you are eligible. Our description of the eligibility criteria are intended solely as a guideline. Before ordering a single person's report from us, you should ensure that you actually qualify benefits on your own record and nothing else. The SSA offers a benefit eligibility tool to help determine your eligibility.

If you feel certain that you are only eligible for retirement benefits on your own record, order your custom analysis now!