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We at Social Security Choices strive to equip each and every visitor to our site with the tools they need to maximize their Social Security benefits. Below, you will find examples of how our analyses have informed past customers. If you'd like to provide feedback, please send us an email.

"This website not only aids recipients in deciding when to apply for benefits, but also provides information on what benefits are in fact available. In my case I am now getting over $10,000 per year of benefits that I did not know before that I was eligible to receive."
Vine Valley, NY

"As a baby boomer planning for retirement, nothing has been more frustrating than the lack of easy to understand, sensible and clear cut information regarding Social Security benefits. Fortunately, I have found which not only met my needs for simple and straightforward data, but has also provided information on benefits I did not know I could anticipate. You cannot ask for more when planning for your financial future."
Roy, Ph.D
Newark, DE

"Your website offers a wealth of information about Social Security in general and detailed advice for determining when to start one's benefits. Most married couples will be surprised by how much they can increase their combined benefits by following your advice. Well worth the price."
Pike Creek Valley, DE

"I just wanted to follow up and let you know that I persisted with Social Security and finally was able to get the spousal benefit. I was told the information would have to be put into the computer by hand since it was not a common request so that it might take 30-60 days to go through. Since I had been told that I would be able to get six months of retroactive benefits back to my birthday, I asked for those too and was told I could have them. Thanks for encouraging me to persist."
Newark, DE

"As a professional economist, I thought I knew all about Social Security. Not so! This website showed me that it was possible to claim spousal benefits from an ex-wife while continuing to work and enlarge my own future social security benefits. Bravo!"
Burt, Ph.D
Balsam Lake, MN

"I think this is a great program with lots of good information. I like being able to select 3 scenario ages for myself and my husband. I would recommend it to friends and family."
Debbie N.

"I think this is a worthy tool for people like us trying to decide when to claim. I was impressed by your rapid response. Thanks"
Ligia Z.

"Thanks for all the work you put into this. It seems very clear and informative. The rapid report feedback was wonderful."
Linda G.

"Useful framework and easy to use while capturing some of the often ignored complexities of the matter."
Ken P.

"Thanks for the married report -- it pretty much confirms what my research had shown. I found your report clear and complete."
Martha B.

"Thanks very much for the Social Security choices website. It was very easy to use and was quite helpful. We had never considered my husband taking spousal benefits and if we had, we wouldn't have known how it would have affected our total income from Social Security."
Anne W.

"Thank you very much for the report you sent me for my wife and me. I think the information you present is clear, concise, and extremely valuable. I have spent a lot of time thinking about when to file (we're both 60 now) and your advice has already altered my thinking. I may very well adopt the advice for us that you give in your report. As you say, your advice is indeed worth thousands of dollars."
Floor K.

"Very fast response. Simple, clean, easy to understand. Thanks again for making this service available to the public."
Bob S.

"All in all, I was very pleased with the results! I suspect that you have fulfilled your express hope: this advice may indeed be worth thousands of dollars to us!"
Bill H.

"Thank you for doing the analysis for us. I found the report very understandable and useful."
Anne W.

"That was fast! It helps to see the options however all the planning is dependent on just how long you are going to live and in what condition. It is good to see what % of the optimum you are foregoing and that is a valuable tool if the decision is to work or not to work. Definitely recommend the site."
Roger S.

"I found your site exceptionally well organized, logical to follow, and the results well annotated to the Social Security Handbook. All the links included in the PDF worked once I had opened the on-line Handbook. Neither my wife nor I have yet applied for benefits, but I feel we have a useable template for doing so now, and I have a better understanding of what the options are. Thank you!"
Laurence S.

"Even with the inherent assumptions, it provided startling information -- that my wife should wait until 70 to collect and that when I should start collecting depends on my life expectancy compared to the norms. Absolutely fascinating!"
Michael V.

"This is a very helpful tool. Thank you for providing it. I am a CPA and I will be referring my clients to your website as part of their estate planning."
David B., CPA

"Thanks very much for this. I will spread the word!"
Teresa W.

"Hi Folks, and thank you very much for your efforts on the new website; I used it today to learn information for my husband and myself and found the website convenient and valuable."
Gretchen T.

"Thanks so much for the report. Just amazing how I can now see clearly the different scenarios that are possible. I read about your website in the New York Times. The author was so impressed by your service that I decided to try it myself. Again, thanks for helping me to cut through what appeared to be a hopeless endeavor."
Mark G.

"I wanted to thank you for your website. It was extremely informative and helpful in my decision-making."
Mark W.