Social Security Choices

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Financial Advisors Overview

Social Security benefits are one of the most important parts of any retirement portfolio. A poor claiming decision can cost tens-of-thousands of dollars, while making the right decision can contribute significantly to one's financial security.

However, Social Security is a complex system. We provide the tools to help your clients make the best Social Security claiming decision for them. Our custom reports present not only the optimal strategy, they also provide comparisons to other strategies that may work better when a client's entire financial situation is taken into consideration.

We expect you will have more than just a single client and with that in mind, provide special pricing on our Package Pricing Page, which allows you to get access to varying numbers of reports at a significant discount relative to retail.

To see what our reports offer, please take a look at a free sample report:

Sample Married Report

Like the sample, but want to get a more concrete idea of what these reports offer for your clients? Just take a moment to contact us and we'll be happy to give you a coupon for a free custom report to try out our service. We are sure that our reports can assist you and your clients with Social Security planning.

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